Meredith-Springfield blow molding machine expanded in Ludlow, Massachusetts.

Blow molder Meredith-Springfield Associates Inc. broke ground on an 18,000-square-foot expansion project in Ludlow, Massachusetts.
Officials at Ludlow-based Meredith-Springfield stated in a press release that the $7 million project will add 5,000 square feet of light manufacturing space, 12,000 square feet of warehouse space, and three new loading docks. 1,000 square feet. When completed, the entire site will occupy 83,000 square feet.
The official added that the larger footprint will provide space for six new machines, which will help automate production and increase production capacity.
"Through our incredible growth over the years, we call Massachusetts home, so being able to expand the headquarters where our company was born is important to who we are," said President and CEO Mel O'Leary.
A spokesperson said in an email that the expansion will increase the plant's production capacity by 30% and keep Meredith-Springfield's staff at around 100 people. The spokesperson added that the company's annual sales are close to 20 million U.S. dollars.
Since its establishment in 1979, Meredith-Springfield has provided a range of commercial and engineering resins for extrusion and coextrusion blow molding and injection stretch blow molding. The company's customers include American Distilling, B&G Foods, Henkel, Honeywell LifeMade Products, PepsiCo and Reebok.
"Using existing space to meet our growing business needs is a challenge," O'Leary said. "This investment in construction and manufacturing equipment allows us to better plan for the future and increase efficiency."
Meredith-Springfield will install two new extrusion blow molding machines—a Bekum 155 and R&B/Sika 850 long stroke—and an Aoki AL-1000 injection stretch blow molding machine. In addition to the forming machine, the manufacturer also purchased three new fully automatic Dyco bagging machines and a Mexan Automation semi-automatic bagging machine.
These machines will automatically unload the bottles after production, and the attached conveyor belt provides leakage and visual inspections. The bagger will then palletize the finished product and prepare it for shipment without using corrugated boxes.
"Ultimately, our goal is to provide our customers with higher quality products with shorter lead times and more sustainable packaging," O'Leary added. "We will soon have the space and equipment needed to move to the next level as a company while providing the services our customers expect and deserve."
At the beginning of 2020, Meredith-Springfield began to recruit and train more skilled employees, and cross-train existing employees to operate and maintain more automated manufacturing systems. The end markets served by the company include food and spices, wine, and health and beauty.
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Post time: Oct-26-2021
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