This small desktop CNC machine with lathe and laser module puts powerful manufacturing tools at your fingertips

It is no longer necessary to manufacture parts from other countries/regions. Carvera allows you to make your own prototypes, models, designs, PCBs and even molds on the desktop.
Carvera is roughly the same size as a microwave oven and easily becomes one of the smallest desktop manufacturing labs you can have. Carvera is equipped with powerful modules, automatic self-leveling functions, automatic tool replacement functions, and an interface that can be easily used by any basic designer/engineer, bringing factory-level prototyping and manufacturing into the home.
Carvera adds 3-axis CNC machining capabilities to your arsenal at a price of $3,099, optional laser cutting modules, and even 4-axis CNC upgrades. Although the price tag is higher than your ordinary desktop 3D printer, Carvera enables you to use wood, plastic, composite materials (carbon fiber), metal, and even custom design and produce your own PCB, adding a set of valuable tools to Your arsenal.
The Carvera boat is fully assembled and the working area size is 14.2" x 9.4" x 5.5". It will level itself at the beginning of each job, and will automatically select the correct tool for the correct job and calibrate it during the process In order to obtain accurate final results. Carvera can use tools including multiple drills from wide to narrow, a probe tool, and even a 2.5W laser etching/cutting module. Carvera will automatically move between the drill and the module according to the job Switching, a rather smart dust collecting tube located next to the main shaft sucks in wood chips, plastic dust and metal chips/burrs while the machine is working, keeping the working area clean at all times. The enclosed design helps prevent any other debris or dust particles from being scattered on you The area and reduced sound make Carvera very suitable for use at home or in the workplace.
Whether you are performing automatic leveling, cutting, cleaning, drilling or engraving, Cavera can automatically and seamlessly change the right tool for the right job and save you time.
Using the integrated 2.5W diode laser module, you can engrave a variety of materials, including paper, wood, plastic, leather, fabric, PCB raw materials, etc.
Although Carvera is a self-operating 3-axis CNC machine, it is equipped with a modular 4th-axis attachment that allows you to add extra dimensions to your project. The 4-axis module connects the lathe to your Carvera, allowing you to use undercuts for more detailed designs (this is not possible with traditional 3-axis relief operations). The 4th axis module is optional and requires an additional payment of $300, but it is most suitable for people who build complex 3D models with intricate details.
The entire gadget has a sturdy structure, with a metal alloy frame, a stainless steel shell and durable ABS+PC components. All Carvera axes also use high-quality linear guides and ball screws to eliminate vibration to ensure Carvera's precise work. CNC machine tools can be used right out of the box. The foldable stand allows you to mount your Android/iOS smartphone on the side of Carvera and control it + use Carvera's app to check the job status. Carvera supports connection via USB or even WiFi, so you can even use MacOS/Windows/Linux computers to control CNC machine tools. Carvera is also suitable for the most common 2D and 3D software, accepting 3D models from Fusion360, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and VCarve Pro, as well as vectors from Vectric Aspire and Adobe Illustrator (for PCB and laser etching and laser cutting jobs) .
For those who use carbon fiber or metal parts to make cutting-edge drones for robots, CNC milling is irreplaceable.
Carvera supports a wide range of natural materials, making it the perfect choice for artists and designers who make artistic and custom products.
The retail price of Carvera is $5,000, but they have an early bird discount on Kickstarter. At a 38% discount of $3,099, you can get a fully assembled and equipped Carvera with drill bit and laser module, a kit with drivers, brackets and clips, and a set with power cord, dust filter, goggles and laser Goggles. For experimentation, Carvera even provides you with a set of material samples to practice your skills and test your machine on 2 scrap boards, 4 PCBs, 2 acrylic sheets, and even 2 aluminum sheets. Although not included in the sample set, Carvera can even use other plastics, epoxy resins, various woods, and even carbon fiber. The laser module is suitable for paper, wood, plastic, leather, and even certain fabrics. Carvera desktop CNC machine tools come with a 1-year warranty, and you can purchase upgrades, modules and spare parts from its online store.
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